About Me

A curious backend developer, I am currently a junior at Manipal Institute Of Technology pursuing a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science And Engineering. I am passionate about learning new technologies and frameworks, and solving challenging problems. I have worked with Go, Javascript, Java and Python programming languages and various frameworks and technologies on some side projects. On one of my projects, CyberHawk, I developed a RESTful backend API that served over 1000 users from across the globe during 4 days of the event. After sophomore year, I interned at DreamSol TeleSolutions where I developed a Phonebook Management web application. I am also an active competitive programmer and compete on platforms like HackerRank.

Work Experience

DreamSol TeleSolutions

Software Engineering Intern ● Summer 2018
  • >_   Worked on building a Phonebook Management web application.
  • >_   Developed CRUD operations, access management, and other relevant features using Java Struts 2 web framework.
  • >_   Also developed the frontend for the application with Twitter Bootstrap and JS libraries like AMCharts.
You can read more about my internship in this blog post.

CyberHawk and HawkEye

Backend Developer, Event Head ● Spring, Fall 2018
  • >_   Organized and developed the web application for an online cryptic hunt that attracts participation from over 2000 players globally with a team of 10 developers and designers.
  • >_   Designed and developed a RESTful web API in Go with MySQL database.
  • >_   Integrated Firebase for features such as Firebase Cloud Messaging and Push Notifcations
  • >_   Managed deployment on a Digital Ocean VPS.
  • >_   Mentored 4 juniors on project relevant concepts such as server-side development with Go, authentication and authorization, databases and ORMs etc.

IECSE Manipal

Treasurer ● Fall 2016 - Present
  • >_   Manage the fund and financing for the official CS club.
  • >_   Work on developing and managing IECSE's internal tools as a part of the Development team.
  • >_   Conduct workshops on various development topics like web APIs, web scraping, version control, etc.
  • >_   Mentor the working and management committees via projects, summer and winter projects and workshops.
  • >_   Contribute articles to IECSE Hashtag, a technology column.
  • >_   Work with the Sponsorship Head to approach Tech Companies for event collaborations.


Through my college curriculum, working on side projects, and by developing software as a part of the institute's official CS club, I have acquired a diverse set of skills, some of which are listed below. Apart from these I also have some experience with other technologies which I used on different projects.

Languages and Tools

Database Systems


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